Summer School (nuclear) energy and climate
This summer WISE organizes a Summer School for young
adults with an above average interest in the public debate
on climate change and future energy supply. During one
week, the participants will be educated on climate change
and nuclear energy. You will talk and think actively about the
problems and solutions. There will be input from reputable
and interesting speakers.

One hundred young people from all over Europe (including
fifty from the Netherlands): students, activists, young people
of environmental and development organizations, and
others who are interested in the subject matter.

Because climate change calls for action NOW. Because
more and more people say that nuclear energy is a part of
the solution. Because in December the Climate Conference
in Copenhagen, Denmark, have to lead to a new treaty. And
because with thirty of the participants we will go to
Copenhagen to be close to the negotiations to create new
ideas and influence them.

From Sunday evening (arrival) August 2nd until Friday
August 7th 2009.

In the out-door centre in Veere, Zeeland (the Netherlands).
That way we have one day to go to the climate action camp
(near Belgium), and a day to go to the nuclear reactor in

What are the costs?
200 euros per person. But you'll get an interesting program,
accommodation and meals. Students will receive a
discount. And there is travel re-imbursement up to 70% of
your travel costs (unless you fly.)


What to do?
Sign up! Call +31 (0) 20-6126368, mail { HYPERLINK
"mailto:wisemc@antenna.nl" }wisemc@antenna.nl

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